Legion celebrated its 24th anniversary on October 3, 2021 at Joensuu's Theater Restaurant.
The next anniversary celebration will be on October 29, 2022, when Legion turns 25.

Time for the Legion XXV anniversary party

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The Legion's annual celebration is traditionally organized in the fall, at the turn of October or November. In addition to legio's members, avec and invited guests are welcome to the party.

The Legion's annual celebration is our organization's most valuable academic occasion, where we behave accordingly. That's why it's good, especially for those attending the anniversary party for the first time, to familiarize themselves with the etiquette to be observed at the party. However, the label should not cause unnecessary stress, it is intended to reduce confusion and uncertainty. The most important thing is to try to behave in a festive and dignified manner, politely considering fellow partygoers. 

Whether you are a new or an old student, while you are waiting for the annual party, you can familiarize yourself with the etiquette of the Legion annual party.

Or practice folding cognac ears:

            1. Fold the edges of your square napkin in the middle so that the width of the napkin should be one third of the original width.
            2. Turn the cloth over by placing the fold you just made against the table.
            3. Fold the cloth in half, then you have folded your cloth into a square shape again. All corners should now be on the same edge.
            4. Grab all the corners with your fingers at the same time and pull them apart.
            5. Turn the opened cloth upside down and put it on your head.

Anniversary pictures

You can view photos from previous annual celebrations in the Legio's photogallery

Program of the anniversary week

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