Social Science Professionals

Social science professionals, or more familiarly YKA, is the leading organization in your field, a professional information bank and your sparring partner towards working life already during your studies! As part of YKA's tight-knit community, you influence and make both your own and others' working life even better.

The YKA is a professional organization that, together with its student organization Finnish Social Sciences graduates, or SYY, advocates for socially competent people in study and working life. YKA and SYY exist so that every social expert can study in peace, do meaningful work and balance work and private life. SYY has eight local organizations, of which SYY-Joensuu operates on your campus.

Why YKA?


Towards a working life with YKA: Get to know job search coaching for students as well as comprehensive tip lists and guides, from which you can get encouragement and useful tips for working life! Find the summary here.


Local and national community in your field: YKA's student organization SYY has local activities in eight locations. Join SYY's activities to get to know good guys and learn about working life! More information here.


Get to know the possibilities of the social sector! What can a social studies student do as a job? What is the median salary in our field or an appropriate internship salary? What is being talked about right now in the social sector? With YKA, you stay up-to-date on what is happening in our industry. Get to know your field in chapters here.

How to become a member

Student membership costs only 28 euros per year (i.e. only 2.3 e/month) and you become part of the community in your field and one step closer to working life! Students are entitled to all the same benefits and services as graduate members. At the very least, don't forget salary and legal advice or travel and accident insurance, which alone will give you back multiple times the value of the membership fee. 

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